At Stifford Clays Primary School, we prepare the children to appreciate and understand the changing world they live in. We were awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark in 2016 and are currently working towards our silver award.

Our school values reflect diversity and focus on spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC). Our curriculum values diversity and builds respect and tolerance. We teach British Values and encourage children to think independently through the use of Philosophy For Children (P4C). Children are encouraged to challenge stereotypes, make decisions and ask questions about the big ideas in life such as honesty, fairness and love.

We have organised and been involved in a number of community events relating to Diversity during this academic year. The first was our Celebration of Music Through the Ages which was held at the Thameside Theatre and involved children from a number of local primary and secondary schools. The event included our steel band, a short play, various dance performances and songs performed by local professional singers. It was a great success and has begun a legacy for this type of collaboration. In January, our pupils took part in a Holocaust Memorial Day event at the Memorial Gardens and later at the Thameside Theatre where poems and stories were read. Nick Winton, son of Sir Nicholas Winton, spoke at the event, leaving the children and other audience members with a lasting memory of what the event symbolised.

A visit to the site of the WWI battlefields in The Somme took place in November 2017 for the children in Year 6.

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